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Filipino Cocktails

Add a Filipino twist to this bubbly cocktail

Sensorio ๐Ÿฅ‚ Mimosas

Sensorio Pure White and Pure Rosas is an effortlessly stylish wine. Don't let this mismatch of looks fool you. An elegant and casual cocktail, try these cocktails topped with our sparkling Senso wine!


by Kalel Demetrio


by Kalel Demetrio

Ube cocktails or desserts ๐Ÿ’œ

Mixoligists and chefs around the world have been raving about Ube Cream Liqueur's earthy flavour and blindingly natural purple hue

Jay Natividad

Mr Ongpin

Neat on

The Rocks

Glenn Talavera

Simbang Gabi


Gelato Wafer

Carina Gonzales

Bilo Bilo

Elvie & Simone at Bamboo Place


Ice cream anyone?

Yes, Please!

not sharing



John Silva

with mates


Proclamation Gin

The nutty, grainy, toasted notes can be paired with almost anything. It has a super smooth toasted ending.

"I like it neat โ€” or with a large ice cube so I can savour the toasted sticky rice flavour"

– Chery Tiu

"For me, Iโ€™m more classic โ€“ I just like a basic G&T with Proclamation Gin and tonic water"

– Carlo Calma

"Alternatively, I like it with sparkling water โ€” plain, coconut or even grapefruit"

– Cheryl Tiu

"Try it with a if your diet conscious and kalamansiย for that added citrus kick"

– Carlo Calma

"I also love making quick gin cocktails โ€” gimlet, gin sour or a negroni"

– Cheryl Tiu

"I like to drink it with strong pungent cheeses likeย epoisses,ย pateย orย edamame"

– Carlo Calma

"Personally, I prefer to enjoy gin before or after a meal"

– Cheryl Tiu

Lakan Lambanog

The True Filipino Spirit

All cocktails were inspired by Philippine beaches โ€“ considered by travelers as some of the best beaches in the world. I imagined drinking every single Lakan cocktail while watching the waves with soft sand between my toes. To complement our very own coconut spirit, I used authentic local ingredients.