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Spreading Christmas Joy with the Filipino Community in Canberra

Spreading Christmas Joy with the Filipino Community in Canberra

Canberra lit up with the holiday spirit on Sunday 4th December 2023 at the "Pasko Sa Canberra” annual event. A Christmas festival that turned the picturesque Embassy of The Philippines grounds into a vibrant hub for Filo-Aussie vendors to share the local Canberra community. 

7000 Islands, was there to add a sweet touch with our Ube Cream Liqueur, the ‘World's Best’ liqueur - a truly artisanal craft spirit of The Philippines: made of Noble Sugar Cane from Negros, coconut husk from Mindanao, and the star of the show Filipino Ube.

We welcomed all the people to the festival,  with our Filipino hospitality and shared drinks with punters, as they entered the grounds.

Canberra residents also embraced the unique taste of our Sensorio Summer Seltzers. Every sip, every smile, echoed the success of the day.

Pasko sa Canberra was a buzzing festival, until a mid-afternoon shower cast a temporary dark shadow over the festivities. Despite this, the people of Canberra clearly showed their support and enthusiasm in the ‘Spirit of Pasko’.

We’re grateful to have been able to share Ube Cream Liqueur and Sensorio Summer Seltzers to the good people of Canberra.

As the sun set on December 4th, our hearts were full of gratitude, thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a festive and welcoming Filipino Communities of Canberra.

Photos by @idave4321
Mobile Bar by @caravan_morrison

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