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Ube Named "Flavour Trend of 2024"

Ube Named "Flavour Trend of 2024"

Renowned for their expertise in flavors, T. Hasegawa has identified ube as the "Flavor Trend of 2024" in its recent flavour trends report.

Ube, a vibrant purple yam originating from the Philippines, has gained global recognition for its distinctive flavor and rich color.

With a flavor profile encompassing nuttiness, sweetness, and mild earthiness, it boasts a well-rounded taste experience in both desserts and savoury dishes.

The surge in Ube's popularity is attributed to its versatility. It can be transformed into desserts like ice cream, jam, and cakes - standing out for its natural sweetness and captivating color. It extends to beverages, including Ube milkshakes, bubble tea, and our very own Ube Cream Liqueur.

Ube can be used in savory dishes, offering a twist to traditional recipes such as purple mashed potatoes, gnocchi, and flavoured sauces. Beyond its culinary appeal, Ube is nutrient-rich, containing essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, promoting overall well-being.

The vibrant purple hue contributes to making Instagram-worthy dishes and beverages, while also transcends cultural boundaries.

T. Hasegawa's recognition of ube as the Flavor Trend of 2024 underscores the growing influence and popularity of this versatile and captivating ingredient in the culinary world.

Read their full report here.

Want to know more about Ube?

Don and Siggy also recently did an interview with SBS Radio talking about ube and it's importance for the Filipino Culture and Cuisine -

listen to the full interview here

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