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Talking Ube on SBS Radio

Don and Siggy at SBS Radio



In a recent interview, our very own Siggy and Donย spoke with Edinel from SBS radio on the cultural and culinary significance of ube, emphasizing its role as a symbol of Filipino pride on the global stage. The duo highlighted how ube, a traditional staple, has evolved beyond its roots, finding a place not only in classic desserts but also in contemporary creations like drinks and liqueurs.

The interview delved into the deep-rooted connection Filipinos feel with ube, considering it a source of national identity. As Filipino cuisine gains international recognition, ube has become a key player, symbolizing the richness of Filipino culinary heritage. Siggy and Don underscored the importance of preserving traditional ingredients like ube while embracing innovation.

A key point of discussion was ube's journey from being a traditional dessert ingredient to a versatile element in modern recipes.ย 

The interview also addressed a common misconception โ€“ the confusion between ube and taro due to their similar appearances. Despite visual similarities, ube has a unique historical legacy dating back to pre-colonial Philippines, where it thrived as a staple crop.ย 

The guys emphasise the importance of balancing tradition and innovation in Filipino cuisine. While embracing global influences, they stressed the need take pride in ube and Filipino cuisine, and to own the fact that it's taking a more global stage.ย 

Listen to the full interview here

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